football articles

Match Report: “FC Basel Stun Chelsea in Champions League Encore”

“Liverpool FC: The Reds Will Finish in the Top Four” SoccerLens

“Barcelona FC: Fabregas’s Exit out of Arsenal and Why Club Contracts are Broken” SoccerLens

“Cristiano Ronaldo’s Proclamation and Player Preservation” The Bleacher Report

“World Soccer’s Overexposed: The 20 Hottest Footballers of All Time” The Bleacher Report

“Will Manchester United and FC Barcelona Continue to Fall?” The Bleacher Report

“Fans Fear Torres’s Scoring Problem May Stem Off the Pitch” The Bleacher Report

“Fernando Torres’s Days at Stamford Bridge are Numbered” The Bleacher Report

“Will Fernando Torres Ever Click for the Blues?” The Bleacher Report

“David Luiz Proves to be the Real Deal” The Bleacher Report

“Liverpool FC’s Fall of Fernando Torres May Be Permanent” The Bleacher Report

Match Report: “Manchester United Stunned Out of Champions League by FC Basel” 90:00 Soccer

Match Report: “Europa League: Young Liverpool Side Trounce Young Boys Bern” 90:00 Soccer


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