Writing is my true passion. I am grateful to all the editors who have published my wPoetry Reading Union Square NYCork and who have nominated me for the Pushcart Prize for Fiction, The  Million Writers Award and a Sundress Best of the Net award.

You could find my work online and in journals such as the American Poetry Journal, Cimarron Review, Cincinnati Review, Columbia Journal, Evergreen Review, Meat for Tea, Pank, Passages North, Portland Review, Seattle Review, Verse Daily and so on.

I have just completed my first novel called ÜberChef USA, which is a satire on reality TV. I have written one short story collection called Maze and a poetry collection entitled More Than Moon, which was a National Poetry Series finalist, due out early 2018 from Diaphanous Press.

At the moment, I am working on a novel-in-stories book called The Rock Star and the Girls Who Loved Him.

Currently, I live in New York City where I am active in poetry and prose readings in Brooklyn and on the lower east side of Manhattan. From time to time, I read as the featured writer.

Thanks for visiting my page.


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