wet gems you’d strain to see | Jennifer Juneau

A handful of poems from my forthcoming book, MORE THAN MOON, due out 2018 from Is a Rose Press.

Meta/ Phor(e) /Play

Moon Song

Jennifer Juneau

night blooms, pitchy. if there is a voice out there chanting pithy vespers to tranquilize evening’s pixilated mane, clearing its throat to recite, call it by my name. center my pose under your loaf, dun moon—mother goddess you—like sparkling fruit a vine-ripe bulb of muscadine. i’ll shine like a marbled goblet of wine: plump & plum a still, still life but never, never dumb in your full-bodied light. o, mother, mother moon with your glinting skin materialize out of flotage & brume, unveil the slack masterpiece that i am minus your gloss. feed me! am i noth- ing to you? goddess, you are my life & i, the gilded progeny am an overwrought structure, carved by nature, curved & nurtured a stilted fixture, whim of your stature, i am indebted to you, would fall to bed— would wed—would marry you! dazzle me like juliet beseeching a…

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